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The perfect lashes to lift the droopiest of eyes. Includes tweezers.
The perfect lashes for lifting droopy eyes. They start with a perfect fit on any size of natural lashes, ending with a fuller corner creating a cat-eye look, more elongated. Light and super easy to apply. These are lash corners, to apply on the outer corner of the eye giving a super natural and discreet appearance. They are reusable and their hairs are hand-tied and aligned for a flawless natural finish.
Aplication Method
How to apply:
1. Apply mascara before false lashes
2. Gently remove the lashes from the mold with tweezers or fingertips.
3. Hold at both ends and curve the lashes to better fit the eye shape.
4. Hold with tweezers and apply glue to the band.
5. Let dry for a few seconds and stick them over your lashes close to the skin.
6. After the glue has completely dried, brush the lashes to blend the false ones with yours naturally.

Tip: with eyes open, place the lashes as close as possible to your natural lash line. Use your fingertip to gently press on the band to secure. When attaching the lashes, make sure you are placing them at the right angle to lift the outer corner of the eye.
Recommended for natural lashes of small to medium size.
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