About Inês Franco

Graduated 26 years ago, she works in television as a professional makeup artist.

Currently, she is a successful entrepreneur in the field of
makeup tools development and has a store open in Lisbon.

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In her studio, she teaches makeup workshops and beauty consulting.

On social media, Instagram and Facebook, she has over
500 thousand followers. These platforms are where she
gives makeup tips and tricks in an easy-to-understand
manner suitable for all ages.

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  • Throughout her career, she has been responsible for the
    makeup of many public figures.

  • She is currently responsible for the image of Silvia Alberto
    and Cristina Ferreira.

  • She has already participated in several television programs
    where she shares makeup tips and tricks.

Author of 3 best-selling makeup books and winner of several notable awards in her field, Inês Franco has already taught hundreds of women how to do their makeup.

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