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Individual Eyelashes

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False eyelashes in tufts. Super versatile and light as a feather.

Cluster false eyelashes. Super versatile and light as a feather. You can place a cluster just in the corner, or two or three, or as many as you want. You decide the volume you want to give your lashes. You can use only the small ones, or only the large ones. You can also mix them. They are reusable.

The package contains 12 medium and 12 small clusters. Imagine the variations you can create with different makeup looks.

Aplication Method
Add a small amount of eyelash glue to a flat surface or the back of your hand. We recommend DUO glue. Using tweezers, carefully lift the individual cluster from the package. Make sure your tweezers are 1 mm away from the root or even holding it at the base so as not to damage the hairs. Dip the band (base) into the glue and wait 30/40 seconds for the glue to become sticky. Align the cluster in the desired position and then stick the band to your lash line. Avoid letting the tweezers touch the glue. Continue applying the necessary amount to achieve the desired appearance. Note: Remove the clusters from the box by catching all the hairs at once to avoid damaging them. You can remove them with your fingers or with cluster tweezers. You can also pull on the band. Remove the band with tweezers from the tip and then gradually release it.
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