Easy Crease & Smokey Eyeliner

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The magic tools that will change the way you look at make-up.

THE MAGICAL TOOLS THAT WILL CHANGE THE WAY YOU LOOK AT MAKEUP. Cut Crease & Smokey Eyeliner, two magical tools that promise to revolutionize the way you look at makeup. Designed in detail by Professional Makeup Artist Inês Franco to fit perfectly on any eye shape, ensuring makeup worthy of a professional.

Practical and functional, perfect for those starting out in the world of makeup or for those who are more experienced. The Smokey Eyeliner piece was designed so that any user, regardless of their level in makeup, can create a perfect smudged eyeliner in just a few minutes.

The Easy Crease piece was designed to execute the Cut Crease makeup technique perfectly. The Cut Crease technique involves creating a defined line between light and dark eyeshadow on the upper eyelid, creating a larger eye effect. With the help of a darker shadow in the crease, it's possible to further enhance the look and create a more dramatic effect. It's a technique known to be quite complex and also requires a lot of skill to achieve a perfect result. But with this tool, the technique will be easily executed.

With an ergonomic, non-slip silicone design that ensures the tool does not move during use. The wooden handle, in pink, is the perfect size for a comfortable and secure makeup experience.

Tested and approved by consumers, these tools received the distinction with the Top Beauty 2023 seal, in the Innovation category.

Aplication Method
How to use the Easy Crease: 1. Lift the eyebrow and place the piece under the bone and against the nose. With the large brush fitted between the piece and the skin, apply the eyeshadow, gently blending back and forth. 2. Start by choosing a medium-colored eyeshadow to apply with the large brush, and then, right next to the piece, blend a darker color using the small brush without exceeding the previous shadow. How to use the Smokey Eyeliner: 1. Place the tool under the lower lashes and "pressed" against the hairline. Aim the tool towards the eyebrow (for a lifted look) or towards the waterline (for a more elongated look). Then, with the smaller brush, blend a dark eyeshadow from the outer corner inward. From the piece to the skin. 2. Use this technique blending in a boomerang shape under the bone (crease) and along the lash line. Using black eyeshadow gives a more dramatic look.
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