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Comfort Bands

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The Comfort Bands are the most comfortable resistance bands you've ever tried.
They have three levels of resistance and don't slip due to the non-slip silicone strips on the inside.

The bands are worn around the legs or ankles allowing for different exercises and intensity. With the practical carrying bag, you can also take them to the gym, office, or on vacation. Train wherever and whenever you want!

These elastic bands focus primarily on exercises for the glutes and legs. Due to the three levels of resistance, the bands can be used by both beginners and advanced users.

When using the bands, there is constant tension, promoting greater muscle activation. Not only do you work the major muscle groups, but also the surrounding smaller muscles.

The advantages of INFIT Confort Bands:

✔ Improve your balance, coordination, and strength
✔ Strengthen and tone your muscles
✔ Train your legs and glutes
✔ Suitable for beginners and advanced users
✔ Train wherever and whenever you want
✔ Washable (30 degrees)
✔ Do not slip/roll during exercise, thanks to the non-slip silicone

Package contents:
➜ 3 Resistance bands (different sizes and resistances)
➜ 1 Carrying bag
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